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lightCaptureMAX and the 2004 Nobel Price For Physics
CaptureMAX is being used to monitor an electron accelerator at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The accelerator is driven by a laser system and they are using a new drive laser that isn't part of their normal control system yet. The only way the laser controller can be monitored is via video (everything is housed in a controlled vault because of radiation). A webcam powered by CaptureMAX is recording video captures of the laser controller. The camera takes a snapshot of the controller every 5 minutes and is later viewed as a time-lapse video.
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A Day In The Life Of A Dog... In 25 Seconds!

This extremely humorous time-lapse video was captured and compiled using the CaptureMAX. This user submitted video is a webcam which is capturing a frame every 8 minutes or whenever motion was detected. The video starts around noon and ends around 10pm. A whole day in the life of one labrador retriever in 25 seconds.

Discover The Power Of CaptureMAX
CaptureMAX PRO has been designed for the professional power user and offers an enhanced set of features including remote access, internet dialer, motion detection, multiple configuration profiles, additional customization options of the Text Overlays and much more.

We offer a fully functional demo of CaptureMAX so that you can personally experience the full potential and ease of use of CaptureMAX Webcam Automation Software.
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