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IdeaA Day In The Life Of A Dog.

This extremely humorous time-lapse video was captured and compiled using the CaptureMAX. This user submitted video is a webcam which is capturing a frame every 8 minutes or whenever motion was detected. The video starts around noon and ends around 10pm. A whole day in the life of one labrador retriever in 25 seconds.
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Nobel Prize 2004: Physics And CaptureMAX:
CaptureMAX is being used to monitor an electron accelerator at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The only way the laser controller can be monitored is via video (everything is housed in a controlled vault because of radiation). A webcam powered by CaptureMAX is recording video captures of the laser controller. The camera takes a snapshot of the controller every 5 minutes and is later viewed as a time-lapse video.
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CaptureMAX was created for a website that offered live webcams in night clubs and bars. The software needed to be stable, run unattended and have plenty of flexibility when it came to configuration options. TNL Total Solutions built CaptureMAX.

After almost a year of running continuously on several machines full-time, we have decided to release the software to the general public. The public version includes new features such as video recording, The ability to run in the background in the system tray and much more.
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What People Are Saying...
Ripley Pedro
Before I purchased Capturemax , I spent a long time downloading and trying must of the webcam software on the net. Only CaptureMAX met my requirements. It has worked reliably and I am very pleased with it. It will be nice thought to include motion detection feature as I am sure other users will appreciate this feature.... Thanks for writing such a good program at a reasonable price.

Jose M. Tamez
Hello, my name is Jose M. Tamez and I am the owner & operator of I recently purchased the CaptureMAX software and Im currently uploading live pictures to my website to promote some of the services and camera's I offer. All of the camera's I have used have worked flawlessly with your software and I havent experienced any problems. Also your support staff responded quickly in resolving one technical issue I had and I was able to take care of it myself. All in all a great product and excellent support. Thanks!

Lane Garret
I've suffered through about a dozen of other packages out there, but none of them had the flexibility that CaptureMAX provides. Thanks again for the great product!